DEBATE ME; #PizzaGate edition

Cursed E

Accidently wound up some PizzaGaters on Twitter, said I’d debunk some emails one sent me. So here goes nothin’. Here’s the first email I need to debunk for this dude:


Though, I’m not sure what I’m to debunk? If we look at this email as is, we can clearly see its about ordering some pizza and hot dogs from Chicago for a party. The email subject is “Chicago Hot Dog Friday” – so again, more evidence towards the fact that this is just a party. There is nothing here which suggests child abuse.

The worst part about this is that Obama spent $65,000 of tax payers money flying pizza in from Chicago. Chicago is a couple of hours flight away from the white house, its easy to see where all the money went – not to mention on the price of the pizzas themselves. Though its utterly absurd and a…

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