TI in America – Cross Country Walk


I am walking across the United States to raise awareness for a distressed group called “Targeted Individuals.”

My name is David Voigts.  I’m a former naval officer and graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  I have a degree in Control Systems Engineering and served in Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets.  While in the service I became aware of ongoing non-consensual human experimentation.  The program is studying human-machine interface.  The technology and suppressive tactics may seem like science fiction, but they are quite real.  There are many reputable primary source books, interviews, and videos discussing this topic, and I will show where to find those resources below.

With a good explanation, the pertinent details can be explained in few hours.  At that point, the subject sometimes invokes apprehension and fear.  I am attempting to remove that fear by creating a human interest story that will help share the Targeted Individuals’ experience. …

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