Gang-Stalking Is Police Sting Operations!

Terror in America

Poisoned And Framed By Doubleclick And Mrs Dash The Walmart Serial Killers!

Gang-stalking is police sting operations, your government is Fascist and it’s officer’s organize stalking of people and do it for sport and to justify their jobs!

Police recruit their relatives and their friends and their girlfriends into gang-stalking as well and those people get paid cash by law enforcement under the table for stalking targets of police and for backing up false allegations on targets for police!

Government invented the term “gang-stalking” as a way of talking about the deeds WITHOUT pointing out who’s responsible because government wants to hide the fact police are organized and target people illegally, and police target people maliciously just like the KKK used to do, as a gang!

Propagandists on the internet try to conceal the open and local Fascism of law enforcement by trying to direct people’s attention to new federal programs or federal agency’s as the culprits, don’t get me wrong here…

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