First Responders Sandy Hook


Sandy Hook Shooting II

Sandy Hook fire chief: William Halstead: With almost 48 years on the department, 34 as fire chief, Halstead never could have imagined the devastation in their small town of Newtown, he said. Halstead was off work on Friday morning but at the fire station when they received a 911 call of a shooting incident at the elementary school. Immediately adjacent to the fire station property, Halstead and four firefighters — including his daughter, Karin Halstead, EMS captain — responded in the rescue unit.He had family inside the school; his former wife with the school nurse hid in a closet when the shooting started but survived.

Halstead also states in the interview that he knew of two injured adults, the wounds he describes are far from life threatening, We do know that the woman in video on page one, (she had a broken foot) she was the only survivor, we also no that the hospital only received three victims total. Add this to the teen neighbor in the video on page one and we now have five injured people of which three made it to the hospital.

I hope the authorities are aware of this and are making every effort possible to locate and provide medical assistance to these lost injured souls.

Halstead said that of the five members on the initial rescue squad response, one firefighter had a child in the school. While setting up command, Halstead’s daughter spotted the firefighter’s son and reported he was all right. Another firefighter, responding on another vehicle, also had a child in the school who was safe. In addition, his wife had been visiting the school but was able to hide behind a dumpster during the shooting.

I would like to note that although Chief Halstead and his Daughter were apparently the first on the scene, his ex-wife, and the mother of FIRST RESPONDER Karin, was stuck hiding in a closet for almost four hours. I can understand Chief Halsteads reluctance in wanting to find his ex, I dont know his personal life, could have been paying alimony, not my business. What I can’t understand is the Mother being stuck locked in a school closet with the school nurse SALLY COX, for four hours with her daughter, one of the true American HEROES from this story, “FIRST RESPONDER Karin Halstead.”

William Halsteads daughter: FIRST RESPONDER Karin Halstead


Husband Michael Burton. (Was also joined by son Michael JR.)




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