A must read for all victims of Gang Stalking and electronic harassment/ douglasleethompson blog

Mind Control


Victims of Gang Stalking and electronic harassment read first
Peter Mooring, Veterans Today Magazine
When you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment/electronic torture

Your attackers will do everything to isolate you. Although you may not experience electronic weapons attacks yourself, they may be used on people around you without them knowing this. This means your attackers can make your family member or friend cough, scratch their head, etc. to react to what you do. Your attackers can even force thoughts into people surrounding you. Be careful in your judgement! Also read:

Warning: you no longer can trust your own thoughts
Electronic Mind Control, Electronic weapons used on people surrounding the target WITHOUT them knowing this
Mind rape targets to steal, torture, murder, create enemies (and call them terrorists)


>>>>  Start reading Victims, Victims2.

You can also try to contact other…

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