7 Tips: How to outreach, preach, or beseech if a Targeted Individual


by H. Michael Sweeney,
copyright © 2011, ProparanoidPress, all rights reserved
permissions to reproduce available on request to pppbooks at comcast (net)

Targeted Individual

Dateline Portland, OR  July 20, 2011  Updated July 27, 2012

targeted individual

Calling the Cops or Writing your Congressman can Backfire

But there are ways it can work better

targeted individual

This is being written for the TIs among us. It will become the seed basis for a new chapter in the next edition of my book, MC Realities.

I get three kinds of people who contact me for help: a) Targeted Individuals; b) persons claiming to be targeted individuals but who are actually part of the targeteers (new word); and c) persons who are either paranoiac and/or schizophrenic and wrongly believe they are targeted individuals. In any grouping of TIs, these three types of persons exist (e.g., my clients, groups such…

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